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Disco Delights and More

Sells: disco ball keychains and car ornaments, rubber ducks + accessories, keychains, trucker hats, koozies, sunnies, candles, phone cases, and trays

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Empty Nester Designs

IG: @theemptynesterdesigns

Sells: Tumbler cups, ornaments, printed towels, vinyl creations, keychains, custom t-shirts and sweatshirts, air fresheners, koozies, canvas bags, car coasters

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Enchanted Flames

Sells: Handmade candles with magical touch (artisanal lid designs)

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Get Luv Struck

IG: @getluvstruk

Sells: Paintings, coasters, trays, and commissions

Lecarre Lollipops

Sells: Unique lollipops in fun flavors

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May Stitch

IG: @maystitchwatkinsville ,  The Oconee Farmers Market

Sells: French embroidered items ranging from pins, hair rings, compact mirrors, keychains, broaches, bows, and ornaments

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Olivia Carter Designs

IG: @oliviacarterdesigns

Sells: Buttons, stickers, 21 signs, and all things graphic design

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