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Spring has Sprung: What’s Hot this Season?

Written by Lindsay Bolinger-- Planning Director at Couture A La Cart

Spring is upon us, and it has been made clear here in Athens, GA by mother-nature’s sudden explosion of vibrant colored flowers on almost every corner. The change in temperature and the extended sunshine hours are thawing away our winter blues as well as the dark and neutral colors that plague our winter wardrobes. Since it is time to put our winter clothes away that leaves many of us wondering what’s hot and what’s not for Spring 2022? Never fret, I’vegot it covered! Below I have curated a list of trends that I think will be hotter than the randomly hot days Georgia has sprinkled into the next month or two for us.


1) The More the Merrier

Think bold, bright, and beautiful patterns. Think of spring has a celebration of new life and fresh starts by sprinkling in and mixing abstract and vibrant patterns such as animal prints, trippy abstract wavy patterns, stripes, and florals!

2) All the Feels

Micro-textures and popcorn textures are all the rage. Two-dimensional clothing is so last season! Be playful this spring with an airy and textured garment paired with something simple and let the springtime texture do all the talking.

3) Big Spring Plans…. Tiny Tiny Skirt

Micro-minis are back and out to play this season. These tiny skirts come in an array of colors, texture, and prints. No matter your style or mood, there is a micro-mini out there for you. Get out there and feel the warmth of the springtime sun on your skin in the ever so stylish micro-mini!

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