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Call me old school, but I find inspiration from reading various print copies of fashion and bridal magazines, as well as going into stores and seeing what designers have put out this season.

My generation is very technologically driven. There are many pros to having such advanced technology at our fingertips. Through technology we can do so much, but also technology has taken so much away from our society. We don’t have to leave our house to go shopping, we can get books and magazines now on our Ipad’s and computers, as well as Face Timing with friends instead of going out to meet them.

We are currently living in a world that is being drastically changed by the pandemic. There is something different about going into a store rather than shopping online, it is more special. I hope other people start to see the beauty in the little things in life.




Simplicity is very important to me. During the pandemic I learned I do not need to travel to extravagant places and get extravagant things to be happy. While all the glitz and the glam is a lot of fun, there is something more special about spending time with the people you love in an intimate place, listening to your favorite music, and eating your favorite food.


The meaning of beauty is endless. I truly believe there is beauty in everything. The meaning is unique to that situation. For example, the beauty in an authentic Vera Wang gown is different than the beauty in your relationship with your significant other. Our society needs to see beauty more. If we all see the beauty in the world, then maybe we can live freely without fear.


Love is special and there are so many ways to show it. I personally believe in-order for you to let someone else into your life to show their love towards you, you must love yourself first. Self-love is very important. To be confident, you must be comfortable in your own skin. I love hard. I love to see a smile on my loved ones faces. Love is a gift and there is nothing better than sharing it with a significant other, your friends, family, etc. Live hard but be sure to love harder.

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