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Local Beauty: Plants Native to Georgia

Hi, I'm Vanessa Reyes, the Website Coordinator for Couture A La Cart.


Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes the beautiful plantlife. As you read in our last post, Couture a la Cart’s spring 2022 theme is Fleurir, to blossom. While a vase full of tulips brings a refreshing touch to any room, it is important to know that the native plants of Georgia are as equally as lovely and support local wildlife.

These plants are important, because they provide resources to Georgia wildlife. The butterfly milkweed is a perennial plant native to Georgia. You can recognize the butterfly milkweed by the little orange flowers that grow on it. As the name suggests, butterfly milkweed is very important to butterflies as it provides them with nectar and a place to leave their larva. So if you see or plant any milkweed you will most likely see some butterflies, maybe even a hummingbird.

There are groups, such as the Georgia Native Plant Society, working to preserve these native species through educating the public and collaborating with outside organizations to encourage planting native species. Even though we will not be carrying native species on our cart, you can find Georgia’s native flora and fauna at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, and take home a lovely bouquet of non-native flowers from our cart.

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