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Favorite Experience in CALC

Written by Isis Perkins, Accountant


My ultimate favorite experience in CALC so far has been the day of the “soft launch.” It felt as though everything the CALC team, and I had been preparing for all semester finally blossomed before our eyes. The excitement and purchases from complete strangers made it all worth the while. So much joy filled my heart as people just stopped by or to compliment how amazing the cart looked.

I’m not sure if many people know what it takes to bring a student entrepreneur golf cart to life, so I will go on to say just how much it is. CALC is literally like the first job I've ever been a part of! I am getting the college course credit and job experience in one. To become a part, I had to apply for a position on the employee team. And you can bet, I have the best job ever — accounting.

I was super nervous at first to take on such a meticulous heavily mathematics involved role, but I absolutely love it. I have learned so much since the beginning of class and I cannot wait to apply my knowledge outside of class. I mean, that is the point of school, right? I enjoy creating excel sheets to keep track of our expenses, tracking inventory, and even watching our store sales account to keep track of revenue. CALC has been amazing thus far and I am so elated to be a part of an amazing CALC team and semester.

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