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A Sustainable Clothing Store for Mom and Baby

Hi! I'm Rachel Brown, the Personnel Manager here at CALC, here to tell you about reBlossom.

reBlossom is a second-hand baby and maternity clothing store located on North Milledge Avenue in Athens, GA. It’s a perfect spot to shop old and new items for old and new mamas! reBlossom carries gently loved, new, and handmade merchandise ranging from gently used baby clothes, maternity clothing, toys, and accessories.

Gently Loved

“kind to the earth, kind to your wallet”

A desire to have a high-quality shopping experience when it comes to buying second-hand items for baby and mama was creator and owner Monira Silk’s main drive behind reBlossom. As children grow, they quickly run through sizes which can lead to parents spending so much money on always buying new clothes every few months. Gently used clothes cuts down on waste and cost!


reBlossom’s philosophy towards new items revolves around 4 ideas. They are socially conscious, eco-conscious, made in the USA, and are a parent-centered design. They partner with brands and companies that provide free trade jobs in India, that are women owned, that use non-toxic and recycled materials, companies that make reef safe sunscreen, brands made in states like Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, and lastly brands that make parent-centered items like travel carriers and swaddles with a weighted chest.


Lastly, reBlossom has always supported local, small businesses and artists, so they also sell handmade items like burp cloths and bibs, hairbows and clips, and crocheted hats and headbands!

Whether you’re a mom, a nanny like myself, an aunt, or a grandparent, make sure you stop by reBlossom! If you’re looking for gently used clothes for your baby or yourself, your niece or nephew, or work for an organization that collects gently used baby and mom items for women’s shelters, reBlossom is the place to shop! Not only do they have regular selling hours, but they occasionally have yard sales on Saturdays! It really is one of Athens finest gems!

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