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Couture A La Cart: A Fresh Beginning

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Hey reader, welcome to The CALC Blog. Where we talk about all things retail and inspiring.

Today's topic is surrounding our cart's new theme, Fleurir.

Hi, I'm Abbey, the Marketing Director for Couture A La Cart this semester. If you're not sure what CALC is, I'll fill you in. We are a team of students that run a mobile business here on the UGA campus, specifically a huge golf cart (hence the "Cart" in our name). Every semester, a new group of students creates a new vision and mission for the Cart.

Our theme/vision board for Spring 2022

Fleurir; To Blossom

From the first meeting of the CALC team, we knew we wanted to reach more people with our products, our display, and our marketing. This meant we needed to be more inclusive of all people and genders. With our new theme of Fleurir, French for "to blossom", we aim to give Couture A La Cart a new beginning. A beginning that encourages self-expression, genuineness, and compassion.

We want all students, teachers, and lovers of small business to be able to spot something they love while passing our cart on campus or downtown. That is why we are partnering with some of the greatest Athens entrepreneurs to curate an inclusive product selection. So stop by, say hello, treat yourself to something at Couture A La Cart, and make sure to keep an eye out for next weeks blog post.

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